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A Scandal in Boohemia

A Scandal in Boohemia

Indigo Eady can’t live on ramen noodles forever…

She jumps on the first job offered. All she has to do is work undercover at Sabrina Shores Theatre, find a ghost thief, and cross him over. Easy peasy, right? Until an actor is murdered and Indigo’s fingerprints are all over the pistol like ink on a Rorschach test. Read more…

Lady Sings The Boos

Lady Sings the Boos

Franny develops a bad-boy obsession with late night black and white television’s Sam Spade, a private detective who has a way with the ladies. This leads her to hang out at a new club called the Blue Note, a 1940s retro post WWII era jazz club… Read more


Divinia “Divvy” Simone loves her daughter and making time for her passion for writing. Time for a love life? Not so much, especially not after being a divorced, single mother for several years… Read more